Riverside Phlebotomy Training Programs – The 2015 Guide

riverside phlebotomy trainingBecause Riverside County is one of the largest counties in California by area, it also has a large number of California-approved phlebotomy schools.  This means lots of choices when trying to pick a training program!  You can see what we mean by reading the California Department of Public Health’s list of approved, certified California phlebotomy schools.

However, this also means picking the best option for your needs can take more time and energy than it otherwise would.

To make things easier, we’ve made a list of all the schools approved by the CDPH, narrowed it down to just the schools in Riverside County, and checked each school for its Yelp reviews.  The result is a list of schools that seem like safe choices (we call them “green-light schools”), schools that you should investigate further before applying at (“yellow-light schools”), and schools you should be cautious of (“red-light schools”).


Good news- starting in 2016, College of the Desert in Palm Desert will be offering California-approved phlebotomy training classes!  We don’t have further news or reviews yet, but we’ll update this page as more information becomes available.

Green-Light Schools

AUMT – The Phlebotomy School
Address 43300 Business Park Dr.
Suite 204
Temecula, CA 92590
Phone (951) 695-5045
Website http://www.aumt.org
Class Types
  • Full w/ Externship
Yelp Page http://www.yelp.com/biz/aumt-the-phlebotomy-school-temecula-2
# of Stars (out of 5) 5
# of Reviews 2
  • “…awesome instructor, they took very responsible and serious help for their students…”
  • “…the instructor Courtney, was very comforting, and encouraging towards me, and all of the other students. Her methods of teaching the curriculum very impressive, and over all my experience at AUMT was a very positive one.”
  • “Mrs. Friend is great and I can tell she knows a lot!! Super smart instructor!” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school)
  • “Our teacher Ms. Kay was excellent, very informative & patient.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school)
  • “Ms. Kay is a good teacher. Great staff and everything.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
Office Staff
  • “The administrative staff in the front office, April, and Taylor, are very professional, and polite, easy to deal with.”
  • “Raquel was very open and informative, she didn’t waste my time telling me what I wanted to hear, instead she told me everything that I needed to know and showed me around.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  • “All of the Administrative staff is professional, friendly, and accommodating!” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school)
  • “This program was the cheapest I found, also the quickest.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school)
  • “They helped me find an externship right after my exam…” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  • “Lab is OK. We only get to practice one time a day (which is not enough if you want to to become an expert in veni puncture before you go off to your clinicals).” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  • “Too bad the book that the school provides is super basic. Nothing special about them. Hardly any special handling and veni puncture extraction instructions. Which is not good for your national exam. I bought a book from Amazon in order to feel confident about passing. I’m glad I did because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t of passed (I ordered it three weeks prior to the test, so I had maybe a week and a half to study). I saw questions in there that I knew weren’t even close to the book from school.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  • “…there is really no help on getting a job… mostly because they don’t say that it is extremely difficult to get a job in this field UNLESS you have connections or have 1-2 years experience.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  •  “Very fast paced, but definitely get so much information that you will understand.” (NOTE: this review pertains to the Torrance, CA school).
  • We felt comfortable including this school in the “green-light” list despite only having 2 reviews, because its sister school in Torrance is highly-rated.  Complete Phlebotomy Training (listed below) similarly has 2 reviews of 5 stars each, however because it has no sister schools and both its reviews are from previous years (i.e. not 2015), we didn’t feel comfortable including it in the “green-light” list.  We have no reason to doubt its quality, however, so you should investigate it as an option.

Yellow-Light Schools

Complete Phlebotomy Training
Address 28125 Bradley Rd
Ste 290
Menifee, CA 92586
Phone (951) 672-2446
Website http://www.PhlebotomyTraining.com
Class Types
  • Limited
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Full w/ Externship
  • Arterial Puncture Externship
Yelp Page http://www.yelp.com/biz/complete-phlebotomy-training-inc-menifee
# of Stars (out of 5) 5
# of Reviews 2
  • “The entire staff is awesome and very very helpful. They have your back at every turn, meaning, you are never left in the dark. Linda is the theory instructor and is a blast as well as professionally educational. Her classes leave you wanting to learn more. She is so thorough and all the while a lot of fun.”
  • “The clinicals are great and the instructors Wanda, Rose, Mariam, and Susanne are very helpful when it comes to drawing blood. They are fun but professional also and always are there for you when you have questions.”
  • “They constantly are boosting your self esteem. Diane is always available and so full of answers and ready to help at every turn.”
  • n/a
  • We included Complete Phlebotomy Training in the “yellow-light” list because we don’t have enough information to green-light it yet (the school only has 2 reviews of 5 stars each).  However, we have no reason to doubt its quality, and we recommend you investigate it as an option.
Mission Career College
Address 3975 Jackson St
Ste 300
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone (951) 688-7411
Website http://www.mayfieldcollege.edu
Class Types
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Full w/ Externship
Source of data: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mission-career-college-riverside
# of Stars (out of 5) 2 1/2
# of Reviews 3
  • “They do a very good job.”
  • “I do not like the people they attract, that was my big issue.”
  • “Some instructors are great and some are terrible but that’s anywhere you go.”
  • “Financial aide doesn’t help most of the programs they offer because of how short they are.”

Red-Light Schools

Universal Schools & Colleges of Health and Human Services
Address 2023 Chicago Ave.
Ste B-1
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone Phone number (951) 784-4466
Website http://www.uscmed.com
Class Types
  • Limited
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Full w/ Externship
Source of Info http://www.yelp.com/biz/us-colleges-riverside
# of Stars (out of 5) 2
# of Reviews 9
  • “..my teacher miss Vickie is amazing! Very honest and knowledgable! She has a lot of experience which gives her students the reassurance that she knows what she’s talking about!”
  • “Miss Vickie is the best teacher on earth! She knows everything about phlebotomy and has a great experience and she did her best to help us do well whether in the national exam or the Externship!”
  • “It’s a small class which is perfect so it’s not over whelming!”
  • “I graduated in March and passed my state test with a high score and still have NOT been sent out to externship, they don’t call you to update you on anything, I’ve tried calling and they don’t return my voicemails, very frustrated.”
  • “Some people would say it’s expensive…”
  • “The staff lie and gave us so much wrong information and they try to convince my class to go on yelp and Facebook to give good review and exchange for Starbucks give cards.”
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